Mark is a prolific writer and has been hired by various companies and individuals to write for them.  Along with his own projects, Mark has assisted in rewrites, created evenings of plays/cabaret acts, edited scripts and stories, and worked collaboratively with others on their projects.  He loves to be handed an idea to flesh out and he is great "on spec."  He loves the opportunity to write for others and would be happy to collaborate or create something for you.  And if you are an agent, producer or director and a story below strikes you as interesting, he'd be happy to submit the work for your perusal.

All works mentioned below are Copyrighted and Registered with the Writer's Guild of America.


An accomplished screenwriter, Mark has been honored by several screenwriting competitions.

He received a Special Mention from the American Gem Short Script Contest for his work, "The Bum," which later was produced and showed at the New York International Independent Film/Video Festival.       

"The Bum"© - Short Film
Log Line - When a man finds himself trapped alone on the subway with a homeless person who claims to "know him," how will he deal with it?  Will it be flight..... or fight?


Mark's feature-length screenplay, "Right There," was a Quarter-finalist in the New Century Writer Awards and also received Honorable Mention from the Filmmakers.com/The Radmin Company Screenwriting Awards.

"Right There" © - Feature
Log Line - Four friends depend on each other as they search for love and happiness in the cold, hard city.  When one actually falls in love, they are all happy - until they discover that the relationship comes with a black eye and broken ribs.


More recently, Mark has completed the short film script, "Heiress." 

"Heiress" ©- Short Film
Log Line -  Heiress Tiffany Swenson has it all - cars, money, fame.  But what happens when it all comes crashing in on her?

He's also completed a television pilot episode called, "Sheila, The Pretty Fat Girl."  He has several more episodes "in the bank" if it attracts attention from producers.

"Sheila, The Pretty Fat Girl" © - Pilot
Log Line - Sheila's a plus-sized model trying to make her way in the vicious modeling/acting market in NYC.  Large and in charge, this gorgeous gal won't "settle for less."

Other Works (Partial Listing):

"The Little Man" © - Feature
Log Line - A lonely, tortured bicycle messenger attempts to end his own life.  When he fails at that, he must come to terms with his past.

"The Creek" © - Feature (in progress)
Log Line -  Rachel and Stephen are leaving New York and moving to Texas to help his mother.  His father has passed away and they must come to her aid.  But when they arrive, Rachel discovers this "mother" is far from helpless - and that she's married into a family full of secrets, lies and intrigue.

"Arapah" © - Feature (in progress)
Log Line - A Native-American woman who survived the Trail of Tears must now face the harassment of white men at the fort she lives in.  When she defends herself and strikes back, she must soon run from the law - and from love.

"Better Late Than Never" © - Feature
Log Line - By 1943 standards, Anne is already considered an "old maid" at age 24.  In the midst of World War II, this beauty has dated every "toad" and "nice guy" in town, but she's still not satisfied.  Then, while busily working away one day, something (or someone) happens that changes everything.

"One Bum in Twenty-Four" © - Feature
Log Line - Karma is cruel when a selfish, binge-drinking young man loses everything he had in a matter of 24 hours. 

"Pornucopia" © - Short
Log Line - It's a secret, but let's just say there's a lot of moaning and groaning......

"The Rules" © - Short
Log Line - Angela is very picky about who she dates.  Very.  When she meets Eric in the park one day, he makes her question her "rules of dating."  And it turns out he has his own....

To read this short, click THE RULES

Other works are also in progress and Mark has written "on spec" for several projects.

PLAYS (Partial Listing)

Mark has had his evening of one-acts, "NY SeCrets," produced twice off-Broadway, once at the Harold Clurman Theatre and once at the Riant Theatre Company.

He has also written numerous short plays for various benefits and cabaret pieces. 

"NY SeCrets"
Log-Line - An evening of one-act plays which interweaves the stories of ordinary people living in the city - all of whom are shattered by their secrets. 

The one-act plays include:
"Mono" ©
Log Line - A monologue (interwoven throughout the evening's plays) about humanity versus animal instinct.  And how "in control" we really are.
"What Cost?" ©
Log Line - A man discovers his girlfriend was once a porn actress.  Can he live with it?  Or is it over?
"Sordid Passions" ©
Log Line - A gay uncle who took his niece in when her parents died is confronted with her less-than-savory boyfriend.  We soon learn, they have a history of their own....
"A Cursed Chance" ©
Log Line - A young writer is tortured by haunting memories of the tragedy that defined his life.  Convinced he will repeat the actions of his father, he relives them in his mind....
"The Bum" ©
Log Line - When a man is confronted in an empty train by a homeless man who claims to "know him from the institution," what will he do?

"The Dream House" © - A Play in 2 Acts

Log Line - Elizabeth questions everything in her life when her husband dies.  Did he love her?  Did he lie?  Was he cheating?  Through a series of discoveries, she begins to find the answers.

"The Balcony" © - An Evening of (Comedic) One Act Plays  (written for a Miracle House benefit)
Log Line -  Balconies are full of interesting stories.....   On one balcony, Evan attends his long-lost friend Randy's engagement party and Randy finally comes out - as straight.  On another balcony, racial tensions ensue when Roger lets Leo know he'll never be his "brother-in-law."  And on another balcony,  Jack and Max think they're going to rob some "fairies," but are surprised when their would-be victims are awakened - and armed. 

"Finale" ©
Log Line -  A ribald look at what REALLY happens behind the scenes of a Broadway stage.  Intrigue, sex, lies and, of course, drama!

To read this play, click FINALE


Mark has completed several short stories, essays, and has a novel "in the works."  But what writer doesn't? 

"Farewell to You" © - Short Story
Log Line - A man is driven to madness when his job and life are usurped by his new boss, Benji.  Fun ensues when the final straw is reached.....

To read this story, go to FAREWELL TO YOU.

Other stories/samples coming soon!!!


Mark is a published poet who has been writing poetry for many years.  Most recently his poem, "The Cold Trip Home," appeared in a volume of poetry:

The Cold Trip Home ©

Scarves flapping,
Whipping winds whine,
Trudging through,
This world divine.

Lights aglow,
Illuminating streets,
Through frozen rain,
The old city heart beats.

An old man sings,
Of woe and blues,
A nickel drops,
"I thank you."

Snow turned dirty,
The herd trudges on,
Humanity and infirmity,
Hand in hand, walk on.

Tunnels warm,
Below the earth,
We ants run towards,
The mound of dirt.

Ah, joy of heat,
Silver bullets bring,
"Take us back home,"
We ants all sing.

The little capsule,
Barrels swiftly uptown,
Where we can put,
Our coats and hats down.

Again, the wind,
And the dark snow, so cold,
We ants emerge,
From that little black hole.

Scarves flapping,
Whipping wind whines,
To our humble homes,
We ants arrive.

Out through clear glass,
We peer at the view,
We smile and believe,
Our hope is renewed.

OPINION (Selected Pieces)

Published in Metro
Striking Similarities
The Bush administration and the MTA are a lot alike.  They both use funds that could help the “commoners” for other, more important things.  Rather than sending some armor for our tanks and trucks in Iraq, the Bush administration is planning on having 9 (count them, NINE) inaugural balls for our returning president.   Plus a youth concert, a parade, a fireworks display, and a second swearing-in ceremony.  The total cost?  A mere $30 to $40 million dollars.  Shouldn’t our tax money be going towards our troops or saving Social Security, rather than the self-congratulatory celebrations of a second-term president?   Priceless.   

Published in Metro

Health Official is Ignoring Reality
“We don’t need a study, if I remember my biology correctly, to show us that those people who are sexually abstinent have a zero chance of becoming pregnant,” says Wade Horn (Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services).  Is it 2004 or 1950?  People can contract STD’s without ever having intercourse, Mr. Horn.  Heard of herpes, chlamydia and gonorrhea?  Your “abstinence only” programs ignore the scientific truths about rape, incest, disease and human nature.  “God” is rarely present in the backseat of teenager’s car, and this close-minded approach is putting millions of teens at risk for much worse than pregnancy..

Published in AM New York
Published in Metro
Proud New Yorker
I’ve never been prouder to be a New Yorker than I am today.  With our vote on November 2nd, we chose more than a presidential candidate.  We, the firsthand witnesses and victims of 9/11, chose hope over fear.  We chose science and common sense over voodoo and religion.  We chose intelligence over ignorance.  We chose a decorated war veteran over a man arrested for DUI.  We chose the hope of a peaceful resolution to our problems over unilateral, crusade-like wars.  New York is truly “the home of the brave.”  And the very slight majority of America needs to catch up.

Published in Metro
2012 Olympic Ripoff  (Stadium last thing New York wants)
Mr. Bloomberg?  Regarding the 2012 Olympic (read: Jets) Stadium you want us to (partially) pay for?  We don’t want to pay - or upend the lives of West Side residents.  If you insist (you always do), let the Jets pay.  Salaries have plummeted, rents have soared, and on the horizon?   Another MTA fare hike.  You’ve closed firehouses (response time is higher – so are deaths)….  We’re on perpetual terror alert….  Etc. But hey, you promise it’ll help the economy?  Promise!?! Oh, okay.  Wait!   Why don’t you fund it with that flood of RNC money?  Remember?  The other economic boost you promised?

Published in AM New York
Republicans Laughable
So the Republicans are running on a platform of national security.  They say they can protect us better than the Democrats.  That's very funny.  Especially when you consider that (at least) 4 times last week, protesters managed to get inside the Republican National Convention (at the very heavily fortified Madison Square Garden) and disrupt the proceedings.   So easy to fool were the mighty Republicans, these “sleeper cell” protesters had no problem getting in.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t recall any protesters getting access to, or disrupting, the Democratic National Convention.  Yeah, RNC, that makes me feel real secure.

Published in Metro
Writer Needs a Lesson in History
Regarding Vlady Zeiger’s letter (Metro, June 28): Comparing Japan’s bombing of Pearl Harbor and our involvement in World War II to the disaster of 9/11 and the nonexistent connection to Iraq (and our invasion of it)?  Faulty logic.  Japan had everything to do with World War II.   But even the Bush administration now admits no link between 9/11 and Iraq.  Catch up.  You’re right about learning from the past – we should have learned the Bushes make lousy presidents and not elected George Junior.  Oh wait, we didn’t.   Better idealistic than blindly believing the lies of this administration.  Compliment accepted.

Published in Metro
Ignorance Seems to be One's Bliss...
Perhaps Ms. Martinez (Metro letter, June 24) should see beyond her own "notions" and "face facts."  True, an Al Gore presidency wouldn’t have stopped 9/11, but I seriously doubt the attacks would have been used as a red herring argument for invading Iraq.  "Bush is not the enemy, Islamic terrorism is," she states.  Fact – US and coalition casualties from both this war and the increased terrorism caused by it (i.e., Spain) could eventually equal or surpass the toll of 9/11 – anyone counted?  Perhaps we have an enemy within, Ms. Martinez – an “elected” one.  They say ignorance is bliss.  Happy much?

Published in AM New York

Has anyone noticed that Coca Cola's new "conveniently sized" 1.5 liter is now costing the same sale price as the 2 liter used to?  For a couple of weeks it was cheaper, but now they've bumped it back up.  Many in America watching their weight depend on having their Diet Coke to cut calories.   Looks like a gouge to me.  It's bad enough we have a $.05 state "deposit" we'll never see again (don't even get me started on that), but now we have to pay more for less?  (Congrats, Coke.  You just lost a steady customer of 22 years.)

Published in AM New York
That's Not News
I am so pleased to know that the biggest "news" in our world today is Janet Jackson's breast!  I mean, why focus on things like soldiers dying, some by suicide, in a war that probably shouldn't have been?  Or the economy tanking and layoffs continuing and the deficit that increases daily?   Or Bush being in the pocket of every lobbyist in DC, as he hands out contracts without bids?  No, her breast is far more important than any of that!  How lucky we are that this is the biggest issue facing our world post 9/11!  God Bless America!

For further writing samples, full script submissions or to contact Mark about collaborating/writing on a project, feel free to contact him by E-MAIL.

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