Most Recent Theatre Credits :
The Exonerated - Gary Gauger - Secret Theatre
The Michigan Assassin - Kaicel/Boss Thorn/Others - Ridley Creek Productions
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest - Dale Harding - VTG
It's A Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play - Announcer (11 roles) - Variations @ The Chain
Talk Radio - Chet, Male Callers - Variations Theatre Group

Most Recent Film/TV/Web Credits:
BROKEN - Jay - Fredgy Noel, Director
MANDATED - Reporter 2 - Jesse R. Tendler, Director
LOVE IN KILNERRY - Roger - Directed by Snorri Sturluson
MFKZT - Ken - Directed by Matthew Farrell
WONDERSTRUCK - Shopkeeper - Directed by Todd Haynes
ALTERNATINO - Ms. Lopez' Handler - Comedy Central
BOBBY'S STORY - Bobby's Hometown Friend - G. Mikell, Dir.

Height: 6'1     Weight: 170       Hair:  Light Brown       Eyes:  Hazel

(Selected Credits)

* Festival/Honors
 Meyer Lemon
 Junior (Lead)
 Max R-Barron, Director
 The Fallen Forest
The Stranger (Supp)
Ben Leonberg, Director
(AKA Bleecker Street)
 Apartment Manager (Supporting)
 Daniel Bollag, Director
 Mosquito Magazine
 Anton Billups (Supporting)
 Dana Shimko, Director
 The Keepsake Box
Tyler (Lead)
 Jeff Brink, Director
Follow the Leader
 Beast (Lead)
 Time Will Tell Productions
 Effections (Pilot)
 Brentwood Roosevelt (Supporting)
 Work it Ware Productions
 The Glasses 2
 Art Gallery Owner (Lead)
 Dwayne Buckle, Director
 The Titans of Gefa (Pilot)
 Sasha (Lead)
 Torrance Colvin, Director
 They Say Fiasco
Porn Director (Supporting)
Collin Kriner, Director
Important Things with
Demetri Martin
Thomas Jefferson (Supporting)
Central Productions
 The Insane Mind of Jasper
Stan (Lead)
Luis Loh, Director
 Within the Wall
Stranger (Supporting)
Gregory Standal, Director
Fortune The Man (Lead)
Nick Nordfors, Director
Brucc (Supporting)
Adriano Valentini, Director
Philip (Lead)
Nick Nordfors, Director
Railway Enthusiasts
Begbie (Lead)
Anton Kolyukh, Director
Never Say Jesus
Burt (Lead)
Michael Sweeny, Director
Money Problems
Frank (Supporting)
Greg Golko, Director
Dynamic Intuition
Reese (Supporting)
Unmarked Films
James (Lead)
Elliott Calo, Director
Stealing on Sunday Morning
Thief (Lead)
Mingju Hu, Director
Bourgeois Blues
Alphonse (Supporting)
Kevin Millar, Director
*Rebecca and the Fish
Queens International Film Festival
Don (Lead)
David Yim, Director
Slice of Guilt
Dirk (Lead)
Joyce Jahnke, Director
* Across Dot Ave
Boston International Film Festival
Jimmy Meaney (Lead)
Mark Ezovski, Director
 Jesus:  The Re-Rise
Jesus Christ (Lead)
Robert E. Wagner, Director
Pepe's American Film
Film Critic 2 (Supporting)
Leah Zak, Director
Fear of the Past
Thief (Lead)
Kris Brown, Director
Buck (Supporting)
James Pellerito, Director
Captain Awesome
Dr. Menace (Lead)
Kyle Lutz, Director
Stalker (Supporting)
KUBO Entertainment
College Daze (Pilot)
Dean Grossman (Lead)
Fair/Haddad Productions
Headhunters (Pilot)
Mike (Guest Star)
TAG Productions
One Life to Live
Task Force Officer (U-5)
Kain's Portal
Julian (Lead)
Max Kogler, Director
* The Bum
NY International Independent Film/Video Festival
Jacob (Lead) MAK Productions

(Further Credits Upon Request)

(Selected Credits)

 Alligator Summer
 Atticus Julep (Lead)
Squeaky Bicycle/Abingdon
 Manhattan Transfer
JoJo Oglethorpe (Lead)
Turtle Shell Productions
Various Productions
Company Member/ Various Lead Roles
Tempest Prods., NJ
* The Lion in Winter
OOBR Award Winner
King Philip (Lead)
Paper Moon Players
 The Emperor's New Clothes
Dread Pirate Roberts (Lead)
Tempest Prods., NJ
 Two Gentlemen of Verona
Genesis Repertory
 Anna Christie
Mat Burke (Lead)
Theatre Studio, Inc.
Alligator Pass
 Demo (Lead)
 Black Ent. Theatre
Twelve Angry Men
Juror 10 (Lead)
Riant Theatre Company
La Ronde
Young Gentleman (Lead)
Grace Theatre Company
Inherit the Wind
The Mazer Theatre Co.
A Carole Christmas
Charles Dickens (Lead)
Looking Glass Theatre
The Stronger
Madame Y (Lead)
Harold Clurman Theatre
Henry V
American Theatre of Actors
Isadora Duncan and the 12 Apostles
PJ (Lead)
Samuel French Festival
NADA Theatre
Where the Snowflakes Bloom
Herman (Lead)
Harold Clurman Theatre
Breakfast Served Anytime
Soledad (Lead)
Harold Clurman Theatre
The Widow's Kiss
Scott (Lead)
Love Creek Prods.
Count Gregor (Lead)
Pocket Sandwich Theatre
Giants Have Us in Their Books
Blue Eyes/Oswald (Lead)
Actor's Theatre of Dallas
The Werewolf of London
Paul Ames (2nd Lead)
Pocket Sandwich Theatre
The Taming of the Shrew
Hortensio (2nd Lead)
Frisco Theatre
The Man Who Came to Dinner
Pocket Sandwich Theatre
Dark of the Moon
Mr. Allen
Richardson Theatre Ctr.
Commander (Lead)
Univ. of North Texas
Coyote Ugly
Red Pewsy (Lead)
Univ. of North Texas

 "The Aliens"
Noach/Pedro (Leads)
 WBAI 99.5 NY

 (Danish/Costa Rican)

 (Further credits upon request)

Conversational Spanish;  Horseback Riding;  Tennis; Volleyball; Medical Terminology/Wardrobe; Wide Variety of Voice/Specialty Voices; Stage Combat; Some Modern Dance; Computer Skills; Large Wardrobe/Vintage Wardrobe; Driver's License; Valid Passport; Vampire Fangs; Run; Weights; Wide Variety of Experience/Skills.
Dialects:  Standard British, Russian, Polish, Slavic, Boston, Irish, Southern, Non-Regional, French, Cockney, Dutch/Danish, Latin/Spanish, etc.  Good ear - learn easily.
Shakespeare Interpretation, Character Development, Monologues, Audition Technique, Acting for the Camera, etc. - Various NYC Studios
Bachelor of Arts - Theatre (Acting Concentration)  - University of North Texas

Reviews: Review of "Manhattan Transfer"
OOBR Review of "The Lion in Winter"

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