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Mark recently appeared in a Co-Star role as the Conductor on the new NBC show, "The Enemy Within, in episode 2, "Black Bear."

He recently finished a great run as Gary Gauger in"The Exonerated" at The Secret Theatre.

Mark recently finished shooting "Broken" as racist murderer Jay, "The Over/Under" as the flirtatious Wine Clerk, "Bite Me" as the vampire Butler, "Home" as swinging single Richard, "Make America Black Again" as Breitbart "Reporter" Dick Headman, "Mandated" as Reporter 2 and "Love in Kilnerry," as Roger, a henpecked husband.

Mark played the Shopkeeper in "Wonderstruck," directed by Todd Haynes. It competed at Cannes and was chosen the Centerpiece Selection by Lincoln Center for the 55th NYFF.

Mark was lauded in a recent successful run of "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" with Variations Theatre Group as Dale Harding.

REVIEW: http://www.Broadwayworld.com
"Other memorable performances included that of Jacklyn Collier as the delicious "Jersey-Girl" Candy Starr, and Mark A. Keeton as effeminate "closet-case" Dale Harding. Keeton's take on Harding was very reminiscent of Blanche DuBois from Tennesee Williams's A Streetcar Named Desire, but the persona breached even further than that. It was a very moving variation to watch: several moments where his melodramatic tendencies were actually very humanizing and sympathetic, rather than Melodrama's tradition of two-dimensional stock characters."

REVIEW: http://www.TimesLedger.com
"Mark A. Keeton, as the effeminate patient Harding, provides plenty of laughs, but is always in on the joke. He is in charge until McMurphy shows up, because he understands his place in the pecking order and doesn’t make trouble for Ratched. “To survive, a rabbit hides from the wolf, it does not challenge it to combat,” Harding tells McMurphy."

Mark also recently had a great run in "It's A Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play" in the Freddie Fillmore/Announcer Track.


"Using a nasally, almost whiny singsong patter, Mark A. Keeton leaves no doubt that Henry Potter is an unhappy — or as George says at one point —'frustrated old man.' Keeton’s excellent work is carried over to his bits as a radio announcer presenting live commercials for hair tonic and soap. He makes each one extremely funny because he plays it oh, so straight." http://www.timesledger.com. "

"Mark A. Keeton was especially ruthless as Mr. Potter, the villain who bought up everything in Bedford Falls and condemned the people to living in slums in the George Bailey-less hell-scape. Keeton versatilely doubled as the radio show’s enthusiastic host." http://www.qchron.com.

Past Reviews;

"Mark A. Keeton's Atticus Julep is powerful but torn..."

"Alligator Summer" Review by Joseph Samuel Wright
Theatre is Easy - Theasy.com Theatre Is Easy

"Mark A. Keeton provides needed comic relief as
a sexually ambiguous cross-dressing
performer with a southern drawl." 

"Manhattan Transfer" Review by Robert Windeler

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